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Shadow Creation Service

Every object has a natural shadow. This natural shadow cannot be captured when the photographer takes a picture of an object. Besides, these shadows are also removed along with removing the image backgrounds. So, they must be added during post-production using shadow creation.

If you want to sell your eCommerce products, your product images need to be realistic. However, RetouchAid’s shadow creation service adds a new dimension to your photos. This will increase your customer base and expand your business.

Photo Shadow Creation Services
Photo Shadow Creation Services

Our Photo Shadow Creation Services

However, we use various photo editing software to create a realistic look for the photo. We create visual effects using this advanced software. So that the image looks realistic. These shadows are very important but we have a real professional team to fix them. They expertly create every shadow and perfectly execute floating shadows. And they create drop shadows, hover effects, natural shadows, and any other shadows. So let’s bring your product images to life.

Type of The Shadow Creation Service

Any object has different types of shadows. But, most of the time they are not captured in the image. However, we can divide the shadow into a few main categories. Below you will find a brief description of the 4 types of shadows.

Natural or Existing Shadow

In photography, a natural or an existing shadow is a shadow that is already present in the photo. Sometimes this shadow is captured in the photograph. However, Natural shadows are created by a natural light source, such as the sun. This shadow can add depth and dimension to a photograph. Also, shadows can use to create contrast. This draws attention to certain elements in an image. Moreover, it can be minimized or eliminated to achieve a different effect.

Photo Shadow Creation ServicesPhoto Shadow Creation Services
Photo Shadow Creation Services

Reflection or Floating Shadow

A reflection is an image that reflects on a surface, such as water or a mirror. This is a copy of the original image flipped horizontally. Also, the floating shadow is known as a cast shadow. This shadow is not anchored to a specific object or surface. It appears to be “floating.”

However, this is an effect that is unused image editing to give the impression. Basically, the object is hovering or not touching any surface. For example, if an object is levitating, it would cast a shadow. since it is not touching any surface, that shadow appears to be floating.

Drop Shadow

A drop shadow is a visual effect that is used for image manipulation. When we added this shadow to an image, then the illusion was created. The object seems to like elevated or floating above the background. This is typically done by darkening and blurring the pixels behind and below the object. 

It also creates the illusion of a shadow, that is cast by an object. However, the drop shadows can add an image or text to adjust color, opacity, distance, and size. This also changes the angle and direction of the light source of the image. Moreover, this type of image effect is often used to add depth and dimensionality to the image.  our team uses adobe photoshop software to add this effect.

Photo Shadow Creation Services
Shadow Creation ServiceShadow Creation Service

What Do We Offer Our Customers In Shadow Creation Service

Our experienced team provides shadow creation services. That provides customers with a drop shadow effect on their images or designs. we offered as a standalone service, or as part of a larger suite of image editing services. Common tools that we use to create shadows are Photoshop and Illustrator. Also, we provide these services to individuals or businesses. There are a variety of purposes of use shadow. such as creating product mockups, improving visual appeal, and enhancing images for online use.

We can make adjustments to the shadow by modifying the settings in the Layer Style dialogue box. such as:

Angle: we change the angle of the light source. that affects the direction of the shadow.

Distance: we change the distance between the object and the shadow.

Spread: we Increase or decrease the size of the shadow.

Size: we change the size of the blur effect on the shadow.

Opacity: we can change the transparency of the shadow.

Color: Also, we allow you to change the color of the shadow and we use the color picker to select a new color.

We experiment with these settings to achieve the desired look for your image’s shadow.

Who Needs Shadow Creation Service

The Image shadow service is useful for a variety of individuals and organizations. Here are some examples include:

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers need an image shadow creation service. This is a part of their workflow for creating designs for print or digital media. Also, they could use it for creating product mock-ups and enhancing images for online use. And we are adding visual interest to the digital artwork.

E-commerce Businesses

The shadow creation service in needed for E-commerce businesses. because this service is important to products sells on online. it may increase their sales if they use Photo Shadow Creation Services. The service creates more compelling product images. Also, the Shadows can help make product images look more realistic.


The photo shadow creation service has been widely used in photography. Photographers take this service to improve the visual appeal of their photographs. You already know that shadows add depth and dimension to an image. However, Photographers need the services to make it more interesting to look at.

Social Media Users

People who frequently post images to social media, need Photo Shadow Creation Service to make their pictures stand out. you know that the shadows draw attention to a specific object in the image.


Marketing agencies may use photo shadow creation services. this creates more compelling images for their campaigns. Also, the shadows enhance image quality and the image will fit for use in print or digital advertising. as well as for creating visual interest in email or social media campaigns people need this service.

Digital Artists

Digital artists can use Photo Shadow Creation Service. this adds depth and realism to their digital artworks. Moreover, the Shadows create the illusion of light and depth in a 2D image. this service makes an image more dynamic and engaging.

What Are The Benefits of Drop Shadow Service

There are many benefits of the Drop Shadow creation service. This type of graphical effect uses an image to create an illusion. This increases the depth. And it provides visual separation between elements in an image. Also here are Some benefits of using drop shadows in design include: 

  • The drop shadow Adds depth and dimension to an image. This makes it appear as if it’s floating above the background.
  • To Improve the visual of elements on an image and make important elements stand out more.
  • The drop shadow is used to create the illusion of transparency. It gives the impression that one element overlays on top of another.
  • Also Improving the aesthetics of the image and making it more visually appealing.

After all, the Drop shadows are used to improve the accessibility of the interface design. For example, this shadow is provided on an image or iconography. the shadow makes it more legible and recognizable to users.

Shadow Creation ServiceShadow Creation Service
Shadow Creation ServiceShadow Creation Service

What Tools Do We Use to Create Natural Shadow Effects

There are several tools that we used to create a natural shadow effect, such as like;

Adobe Photoshop: This is widely used as image editing software.  It includes a variety of tools for creating and manipulating shadows. Mainly it has Layer Styles drop-down menu which allows it to include a drop shadow effect to a layer.

Adobe Illustrator: This is a vector graphics editor. it is used to create a wide range of graphics, logos, and diagrams. Illustrator includes a variety of tools for creating and editing shadows. such as the Effect > Stylize > Drop Shadow option.

These are some common tools that we use for creating shadow effects.  But we also use other tools depending on your image.

Photographers Use Drop Shadow creation Service

E-commerce businesses and photographers use drop photo shadow creation service for a variety of reasons. E-commerce businesses use this service for product presentation. Drop shadows make product images appear more visually appealing and professional. Also, these Shadows add depth and dimension to an object. This can help you to make the products look more attractive to potential customers. Shadows can also use to separate objects from one another. making it easier to distinguish between different products or elements within an image. 

This is especially useful when you display multiple products within a single image. also, the Shadows are used to improve the overall image quality.  You will see the image look will be more natural and realistic after taking the service. I can say that drop shadow services would be useful for your eCommerce businesses.

shadow creationshadow creation
shadow creation servicesshadow creation services

Why Would You Use Reflective Shadows In a Picture

Reflective shadows are mostly utilized to give an image more depth and reality. This simulates the process through. Which light bounces off of an item and creates a shadow on nearby surfaces. In order to give the impression of depth, reflective shadows are often utilized. It creates a visible division between picture parts.

Additionally, the reflective shadows give your brand a certain appearance and feel. Therefore, you may use reflected shadows in product photography.  It gives your goods a polished and expensive appearance. You may also utilize it to draw attention to a particular feature of your product, which will help it stand out.

What Types of Photos Do You Need For Shadow Effects

To create a realistic look in a photo a shadow effect plays an important role. Here are a few examples of what types of photos are suitable for creating shadow effects:

Product Photos: If you’re looking to create shadow effects for product photos. You’ll need high-quality images of the product.  These images should be taken in a controlled environment with consistent lighting. 

Architectural Photos: Pictures of the building should take from different angles. this allows the creation of shadows and highlights. It corresponds to the natural lighting conditions of the scene.

Photo Shadow Creation ServicesPhoto Shadow Creation Services

Landscape photos: For landscape photos, pictures are taken at different times of the day. with different lighting conditions, it will provide the best results.

Portrait Photos: Portrait photos can benefit from shadow effects. This can create a sense of depth and dimension in the image. Also, it makes the subject stand out more prominently.

Overall, the key to creating shadow effects is to have good-quality images. And It is in good lighting, contrast, and composition. So it will provide a good base for adding realistic shadows.


Have questions? Check if we have already answered it below.
How Can I Place an order?

It’s simple! If it is the very first time for you, Just provide all information in the boxes and upload your pictures, Just it!

How do you guarantee the lowest price services?

.We acquire the highest advantage of the lowest price arena in Dhaka, Bangladesh where we include a team of extremely specialists who is very on time with the work we make although motionless preserve the top quality output.

How do you declare 100% rightness in your job?

All the specialists we include are highly able in the company of more than many years of knowledge in these positions and we confirm all photographs at slightest 3- times preceding release. At first, we’ve got group leaders who are careful of the experts on how they’re functioning, while they are in an exact way.
Upon end, we have Quality Controller (QC) who makes sure all photographs are one by one & then we release those photographs to the customer.

Can I pay weekly / monthly?

Yes, if you wish, then you also can. Those of our customers, who need our service frequently, they’ve got the alternative to pay weekly or monthly. Every time you place an order, we contain an innovative thing to the declaration via all the features. As a result, you know what amount of pictures we process, and all the relevant info was proceeding to your pay.

Can I apply for test work?

Yes! To permit you to judge our excellence, we propose a FREE TRIAL opportunity for two pictures. Upload your photographs & fill up the simple “Free Trial” form. In the preponderance cases, we get back to you after the complete trial picture in 10 hours.

Photo Shadow Creation Services

Best Drop Shadow Service Company

However, we use various photo editing software to create a realistic look for the photo. We create visual effects using this advanced software so that the image looks realistic. These shadows are very important but we have a real professional team to fix them. They expertly create every shadow and perfectly execute floating shadows, drop shadows, hover effects, natural shadows, and any other shadows. So let’s bring your product images to life.