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How to retouch jewelry in Photoshop?

Photography is important for product value. So, people prefer photography for the best look of their products. Making jewelry is bright and expensive. A product photographer or jewelry photographer can do this very well. Again the images can be enhanced using jewelry retouching techniques. So, now we can know about how to retouch jewelry in Photoshop in order to achieve naturally stunning results.

How to retouch jewelry in Photoshop Service?

 It is important to know the most common tools of Photoshop. This is essential for beginners for knowing the jewelry retouching. Below are the various aspects of photo retouching:

  •  Changing the lighting settings

 The first step is to use the lighting settings. Adobe Lightroom works best. When it uses presets and multiple programs. Adobe Lightroom offers more features for making these settings. These changes and jewelry retouching can also be done in Photoshop.

 At the beginning, you have uploaded the image in Photoshop. Then you select the adjustment layer. Contrast and brightness can be adjusted from here. A beginner needs to keep on toggling until the desired result is achieved.

 Brightness makes an image brighter. On the other hand, it adjusts the difference between the lightest and darkest colors in the image.

Other factors can change from here.  These changes affect the overall quality of the image. Such as color balance and layers can also.

It can remove stains before retouching the jewelry. To get the right way of settings. It is easier to move on to the next step of jewelry retouching.  

  • Edit The Metal and The Stone

 Jewelry photography is a little different from product photography. Jewelry photography is a bit tricky with lighting.  There are some additional steps for following. To edit jewelry photos in Photoshop. However, the settings for common stones are different from luxury metals.

 Consequently, it is necessary to separate all components of each part. A new layer must be created for each component. Then edit individually until the desired image is obtained.

 First enhance the brightness and shine of each element. Then use the feathering tools. It blends them together for a gorgeous picture. It is better if the final picture is very perfect. Like all stones and metals in jewelry, they are all the brightest.  As a result, the customer will be able to see every small and intricate structure of the jewelry very well.

  • Removes unwanted stains and dust

 Polishing jewelry is a very good practice.  During photography, this is to remove all dust and smudges seen in the photo. 

 Again this is done during post-production.  This is also done to remove the smallest defects.

 However, every piece of jewelry may have some inevitable flaws. Again, something happens during manufacturing, like -fingerprints, scratches. And pieces of jewelry may have dust during indoor storage.

 But these spots can be removed by jewelry retouching in Photoshop.

 Photoshop has several tools. They remove unwanted blemishes. These include –

  •  Spot Healing Brush,
  •  Clone Stamp Tool and
  •  Healing Brush.

 The spot healing brush is best for cleaning larger surfaces of jewelry.

 And the healing brush is best for cleaning dust from the edges of jewelry.

 On the other hand, the Clone Stamp tool is best for removing defects in larger areas.

 For example, a ring brand has a defect on one side of jewelry. Now find another area where the spot can be copied.

 The defect can be covered over for a cleaner finish.

  • Changing or creating shadows

 A shadow is a small thing in the picture.  But it plays an important role. Shadows can give a three-dimensional depth of an image. 

 Beginners make mistakes on it. They remove all visible shadows. It makes the image flat and dull.

 However, correcting shadows is one of the best aspects of jewelry retouching in Photoshop. And it creates a natural looking shadow.

 Modifying shadows is very easy. If there is excess light, there may be multiple shadows. It spoils the image quality. This removes stray shadows. And it is possible to enhance the shadows. It can be used to give more depth.

 On the other hand, skilled people can create realistic and natural-looking new shadows.

  • Editing background

 After retouching the image, its  background needs to edit. White background is very good for any jewelry.  Because products on this background look best in online stores, product pages, or online catalogs. It helps customers to buy by looking in detail. Other backgrounds can also be used. But this depends on the aesthetic of the brand. Thus other neutral background colors can also be used like gray, beige or black. This color selection is dependent on the brand, the aesthetics and style of the jewelry.

 Background uses in jewelry. Using these images in social media and advertisements. A creative background is nice. During photography or retouching, one can use the background. A theme, props or any background that matches the brand. It uses to highlight the features of the jewelry.

  • Editing aspect ratio, resolution and image size

 The last step is cropping. The size and resolution of a particular jewelry image is consistent with all other jewelry images.  This is often overlooked. It touches-up images using Photoshop. But it can affect consistency and overall results. It is using images on a jeweler’s website, online store, or advertisement.

 When cropping an image, one should not crop too much. Because all the shadows are cut awkwardly. White space doesn’t always look bad. In particular all images are the same size. This uniformity makes the jeweler’s product catalog more consistent.

These links can help easily to retouch jewelry in photoshop.

  • What to avoid when editing jewelry photos in Photoshop

 Knowing the habits to avoid is very important. Here are some common mistakes. These are what beginners do while editing jewelry photos.

  1.  Distracting Backgrounds and Props– Creates the background in post-production. Keep in mind that it highlights the jewelry. Avoid adding flashy props or accessories. It is eye-catching.
  2. Forgetting to Retouch Reflections– The jewelry is made of reflective materials. Such as, precious stones. These are inevitable mistakes during photography. So the metal catches the reflection of the photographer or anything around him in shooting.  This is ignorable later in post-production.
  3. Excessively retouched images– ‘knowing to stop’ is the most important part of retouching jewelry in Photoshop. Too much editing can make the image look unnatural, cheap and unprofessional. Luxury jewelry is beautiful in itself. But editing jewelry photos in Photoshop is only about enhancing the natural beauty of the jewelry. It is not creating the image as a whole.

In the jewelry retouching these steps are following. Photography is the first step to taking the best pictures of jewelry.  Through this, it makes the jewelry realistically beautiful, attractive. Again for retouching and editing, there are some software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. They make jewelry more beautiful and attractive. Which is easily accepted by the customers.

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