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What is photo retouching?

Taking pictures on a DSLR is a hobby of everyone. But taking a picture on a DSLR does not complete the picture. Shape, color, size should be changed according to one’s needs. Making such changes to give the desired exact look is called photo retouching. The image is made more beautiful, smooth, and perfect after retouching the image. For example, a person’s face has many pimples, oily looks, and many small holes. Photo retouching removes everything from this image to give a smooth look.

 Why learn photo retouching?

 If you want to work with photos, you must learn photo retouching. Photo retouching is all about bringing a picture to live. So, photo retouching is the work of making it beautiful. Others learn photo retouching based on their preferences. So one needs to learn photo retouching for his personal or professional reasons. Again, by learning this photo retouching, one can earn money by freelancing at home. This cast is fairly simple. So many people learn this job as a hobby.

 For whom it is suitable

People can learn this task who are interested in working with images. Those who are more interested in photography can also do this job. People can also learn photo retouching to make their pictures more beautiful. Who loves to take pictures by himself. A picture consists of a mixture of different colors. So this work is very suitable for those who love color and are sensitive to color.

 Demand in marketplace

 If one can learn any job like an expert, there is a lot of demand for him in the marketplaces. So if one is an expert then it is a very good way to earn. He has a lot of demand in the marketplaces. Because people’s interest in pictures is increasing day by day. Self, family, office, court, anywhere photography is now an important thing. So if one learns photo retouching well, you will get a lot of work for it. 

How much can be earned

 In the beginning of any job the income is little. So the earnings may be a little less in the beginning. But if you can create your own position, you can earn well. If you can do client management, you can earn a few dollars per month. Usually $2-5 per image can be easily earned. In this sector orders of 200-500 films are available at a time.  Such large orders are rarely found in other sectors.

 Points you need to learn

  • A good quality PC is required.
  • In the beginning, it is better to have a Core i three processor computer.
  • A computer of the highest quality as per the capability is better.
  • Then you need to know the basic guidelines of the computer.
  • Next you will need the Adobe Photoshop app.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC must be purchased from the CD market and installed on the computer.
  • Can also be downloaded from online.
  • Next you will need some Photoshop plugins.
  • A DSLR camera is great.
  • But not a DSLR, no problem.

Here’s how to learn photo retouching:

 Adobe Photoshop must be learned first.  Every work can be done with the help of this software. This software works using different types of tools. So at first, it can be a bit difficult to use for beginners. It will gradually become easier after working for a while. Then learn about the basic tools of Adobe Photoshop. Color correction should be learned after knowing the basic tools. Then learn basic retouching. As you use each tool. You have to use it patiently then you will get an idea about it. Below are some tutorials. You can easily learn from here. Which will be very helpful. If you can learn by watching these tutorials, the fear will easily go away.

Photoshop Retouching Color Effects Tutorial

 Photo color correction tutorial

 Photo manipulation tutorial

 Creative photo manipulation tutorial

Photoshop manipulation tutorial and photo effects

Splatter / Dispersion Photo Manipulation Tutorial

CB Edit Photoshop Tutorial

Abstract Art Tutorial

Digital Art Tutorial

 Photoshop Movie Poster Design Tutorial

What can be done by photo retouching

 Natural spots, uneven skin, yellow teeth can be changed to one’s demand. The face shape can be changed and the eyes can be made more beautiful. Hair coloring and body enhancements can also be done nowadays. Many functions like removing fingerprints, smoothing the surface of the product can be done according to the client’s needs.

Some important websites for photo retouching

 Photo retouching is a bit difficult for beginners. Even if you don’t have a DSLR camera, you have to face a little problem. Still you need to continue learning photo retouching. For this, free RAW images can be downloaded from online. Again there are pictures of different types of models.  Photo retouching can be learned by downloading and editing these images.

 After learning the work, a portfolio of the work can be kept on a website. Clients can easily approach for work from this portfolio.

 Self-taken and edited photos can be posted to Flickr. Everyone has a profile on Flickr. By checking this profile, clients get an idea about the quality of work.  Accordingly, clients consider who to appoint for work.

 You can improve your skills by editing images from the following websites. So anyone can download images from these websites if they want.

Area of work

 Skilled people are in demand everywhere.  So if you are skilled in photo retouching there are many job fields. Jobs are available from foreign clients through various websites by opening profiles on various marketplaces. Some such websites are – Upwork, Fiber, Freelancer, People Per Hour etc. Their links are given below.

These are international websites. If you build your portfolio very well on these websites, you can get very good job orders. Much better can be done from here. Apart from this, there are areas of domestic work. It is called the local market.  But the amount of money in the local market is not so good. Working in Bangladesh is risky and poorly paid. So it is better to do international work.

 Photo retouching is very important to make photos attractive to all customers.  Photo retouching is done to give a final look to an image. This is basically called image polishing. That is, once an image is cropped, white balance and color profiled, focus is placed on other parts of the image. So anyone can make a career by photo retouching.

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